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Homebush Farm

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Homebush Farm is a 3000ac property located near Greenup QLD in the Traprock Country Area.  Our farm is a mixed farming enterprise, we selectively bred stock chosen for their docility, their ability to tolerate drought conditions and for unrivalled pleasure to the pallet. Our clean country air and low stress quality life provided to our animals is evidenced in the taste of our Homebush beef lamb and pork.

Tamara (me) and Phil are helped on the farm by our little “farmhers” Pippa, Belle and Charlie who love being part of the whole process. The girls join us in the every day tasks on the farm from feeding stock to the more exciting jobs at shearing and branding times.

Tamara has had a long history of passion for the land and wanting to showcase Homebush Farms quality produce to families in QLD and NSW. Originally from the city she forged her path in the rural industry, attended Longreach Pastoral College, working in agriculture, running a successful paddock to plate business and most importantly being a Mum. Commitment to quality now sees her in the learning process again – setting up an accredited on farm butchering room. This will allow control over the butchering process and ensuring the quality in life is the animals is reflected in the quality of butchering.

Phil grew up on the black soil plains of Piallaway, south east of Gunnedah on the family property called “Arthoma”. Phil has always had dirt running through his veins, so finding a place of his own was always a must for him.  Homebush Farm has a very unique type of landscape, being that it has very marginal soil types and the dry conditions certainly poses its own challenges, but this has challenged Phil to implement new operating practices on Homebush Farm.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am a customer of tillari trotters and have enjoyed there beautiful meat.

    So with them moving we are interested with what you can provide 😊